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If your customer stocks bulky or lengthy products such as windows, doors or moldings, then m dividers can make their warehouse more efficient. These strong tubular rack accessories convert open pallet rack bays into orderly vertical storage space for long stock items. They do double duty as organization tools for keeping inventory separated within the m dividers for pallet racking system, making it easier to find and retrieve individual pieces. They clip onto wire decking and are available in several sizes to meet specific product needs. For example, 3/8″ rods are ideal for lighter weight items while 1″ tubing may be required for heavier stock items.

Depending on the style purchased, m dividers get their name from being formed into the shape of an “M” and feature two or three mounting brackets to attach to the rear beams of a racking bay. Their front edges are curved so they don’t extend into aisles or walkways. These dividers can also be labeled with a product or SKU number to improve inventory tracking.

Divide and Thrive: Optimizing Organization with M Dividers in Pallet Racking Systems

Adding these pallet racking dividers is an easy way to maximize the storage capabilities of your facility. They keep inventory organized and prevent it from falling over, which could lead to product damage or injury. These dividers also reduce picking time because employees can easily locate the right item when it is in an upright position. They are a cost-effective addition to your racking system and can be found at SaveMH in various styles, including backstop and flue space dividers.


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