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Portable Staging, also known as mobile, de-mountable and temporary staging, are commonly found in schools, theatres, community halls and leisure venues. They are extremely easy to erect and dismantle and can be used for many different functions. These stages are light in weight and can be easily shifted from one location to another and stored when not in use. They are also affordable compared to the cost of installing permanent stages at your location.

Most modern companies manufacture stage platforms using high-quality materials such as aluminum and steel that make them strong and safe for users. These stages are usually designed with ideal height and large wing spaces for performers to wait on their turn comfortably. They are often built strongly to withstand storms as well.

Portable Staging Solutions: Transforming Spaces On-the-Go

When looking for a new portable stage, there are several factors you should consider. For example, it’s important to consider the point load rating. This number tells you how much weight can be placed on a single point of the stage without leaving a mark or dent in the surface. This is a particularly important factor if you plan on placing a grand piano on the stage or any other extremely heavy props.

Most reputable staging manufacturers will voluntarily disclose their staging’s point load ratings. However, you should always perform your own due diligence to ensure the stage meets all your needs and fits within your budget. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer is almost always going to be your best option. This allows you to have a more complete understanding and knowledge of the product you’re buying, which will help you better understand its strengths and weaknesses.


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