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CBD Vape Discontinuation Announcement with numerous health problems, including cancer and emphysema. But did you know that vaping CBD could be a much better alternative? This is because CBD (cannabidiol) is non-addictive, unlike nicotine, which causes addiction and withdrawal symptoms. In fact, many smokers who quit smoking do so by switching to CBD vaping.

We examined the prevalence of ever and current vaping of CBD among a sample of US high school students. A total of 25 091 participants were included in the analysis. Using multivariable logistic regression, we found that a combination of demographic factors and e-cigarette and tobacco use behaviors was associated with the likelihood of reporting CBD vaping.

Moving Forward: A Message Regarding the Discontinuation of CBD Vape Products

For example, Hispanic e-cigarette users were more likely than non-Hispanic White peers to report currently vaping CBD. In addition, we found that vape shops that sell CBD products – particularly those with mango-, berry-, and mint-flavored JUUL-compatible pod cartridges – frequently circumvented nicotine-vaping regulations by changing their product offerings to include these flavors.

We also conducted a content analysis and found that more than a third of the first two pages of Google search results indicative of shopping for vaping products directed visitors to websites that sold and promoted CBD vapes, with several sites making explicit health claims that are not FDA-approved for recommended uses of CBD. This suggests that CBD may be a gateway drug for nicotine and tobacco use, and additional population-based monitoring is needed to address this.


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December 2023