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A weed shop, also called a cannabis store, is a place where you can buy marijuana products for recreational or medical use. However, there are many different names that can be used to describe this type of business.

Who made weed shop the game?

A dispensary is a type of marijuana store that sells VaporizerBud to patients with medical prescriptions. Its staff may also be able to help patients with questions and suggest specific products for their needs.

Its selection is usually smaller than that of a recreational store and a budtender may not be able to allocate time to each customer.

But the most important difference is that a patient must have a medical prescription to enter a dispensary, while a recreational user can walk in without one.

And, in most cases, a dispensary will keep a copy of the patient’s prescription and track it for future references.

There are currently 36 licensed dispensaries open in New York State, and more than 900 applicants for a license await approval from the Office of Cannabis Management. And as municipalities across the state battle a thriving illicit market, there’s an emphasis on prioritizing the handing out of a small number of dispensary licenses to people who have served time in jail or other prisons for marijuana offenses.

The first of those to get a state-licensed store opened earlier this month in lower Manhattan. It was operated by Housing Works, a minority-controlled social service agency. It is expected to help fund the organization’s programs for people with HIV and AIDS, as well as people who are homeless or formerly incarcerated.


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