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Cranes are impressive pieces of machinery that can be used to complete a variety of tasks on construction sites and in other industries. For companies who do not have the crew or budget to own their own crane, crain hire is an excellent alternative.

However, before businesses can make the decision to hire a crane, they need to have all the required information about the job they’re trying to complete. Having an accurate idea of the load size and weight, as well as how high the material or object needs to be lifted, will help the crane hire services company provide the correct equipment.

Other important details that need to be included in the crain hire information is what type of terrain the crane will be operating on and if it will need to travel over any obstacles. This will also help determine if a wheeled mobile crane, crawler (one fitted with tracks) or floating crane is the most suitable.

Choosing the Best Crane Hire Company: Factors to Consider

It’s worth bearing in mind that if you opt for standard crane hire, the crane hire company will be fully liable for all aspects of lifting activities carried out on-site as per the CPA regulations and ‘Safe Crane Standard’ BS 7121. This means that unless your business already has people on staff who are qualified to act as Appointed Persons and lift supervisors, partnering with a crane hire service will ensure that all necessary planning, risk assessments, method statements and so on are in place for each job.


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