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CBD is a Cannabidiol  that’s been found in cannabis plants. It’s popular in products like gummies, vape pens, oils and other topical treatments. It’s also a natural treatment for many health issues, from anxiety to pain. But is it really a safe and effective remedy?

The FDA has approved the drug Epidiolex for use in treating two types of seizures, and more research is being done on its other potential uses. However, the research on CBD and other cannabis-based compounds hasn’t been done well in large-scale, randomized controlled trials, which are needed for evidence-based decisions about medical uses.

CBD Oil 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Cannabidiol Extracts

In recent years, interest in CBD has outpaced scientific and regulatory advancement resulting in unregulated products that are often marketed as dietary or “wellness” supplements, with limited results from randomized controlled trials and inconsistent dosage guidance. While anecdotally, people with arthritis who try CBD report pain relief, better sleep and less anxiety, these effects have not been validated in quality studies.

In this retrospective, observational study of patients who were treated at Sante Cannabis in California, researchers looked at patient reports of the impact of CBD on their symptom control and adherence to medical cannabis regimens. The authors acted independently and had no financial gain from their work or decision to publish. Sante Cannabis is a clinic, research and training center dedicated to medical cannabis. The authors had a role in protocol development but were not involved in the care of patients or their treatment decisions.


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