Email Validation API

Email validation API helps you ensure that the data you provide to your customers and clients is valid and up-to-date. This reduces bounce rates and spam filtering and can improve deliverability rates.

There are many email validation tools available online. But, not all are created equal. Some are rudimentary, checking only that the email address has an @ symbol, a suffix and a full stop. Others are more sophisticated, analyzing a number of parameters to check the authenticity and validity of the email address. But, all too often these tools aren’t enough. A missing or incorrect email address can cause your emails to end up in the junk folder. Worse still, it can damage your reputation with ISPs as a sender of junk mail.

Mastering Inbox Success: The Essential Guide to Email Validation API

You can use an email verification service to help prevent this from happening by integrating an email validation API into your registration or sign-up forms. This will catch any mistakes that users might make when entering their email addresses, such as transposing letters or having an extra number in the address. It will also flag any disposable or temporary email services that people might use to sign up for a freebie and then abandon their account shortly after.

One such service is Verifalia, which offers both bulk and real-time email validation. Its API can be easily integrated with your website or app and it checks 74 data points to validate the email address. It also offers a free trial and a paid tier starting at 1 cent per email. It can be used in a variety of programming languages and it supports SMTP authentication.