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muga courts

MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) surfaces are a popular choice for schools and local sports clubs as they provide a safe space for groups to play a variety of group sporting activities. They also help to save on the cost of a separate pitch for each sport as you only have to pay for one surface that can accommodate multiple sporting grids. We offer a full design and build service for all of our MUGA construction projects. We pay meticulous attention to detail during the installation process, ensuring that we complete our work to your exact specifications. We can then take care of the maintenance of your MUGA throughout its lifetime to ensure it continues to be in excellent condition.

Maximizing Outdoor Fun: The Versatility of MUGA Courts

There are a variety of muga courts  surfaces available depending on the types of sports that you want to play. Choosing the right surface type is crucial to the performance of the sports pitch as each will have different characteristics that will affect how the sports are played.

Type 1: Open textured porous macadam designed for ball rebound sports with tennis as the primary sport. Netball and basketball are also possible along with wheelchair sports on this surface. This is normally coloured using slip resistant paint.

Type 2: A polymeric surface over a macadam base for non-rebound ball sports with netball as the priority sport. Tennis, mini-tennis and basketball are also possible on this surface along with wheelchair sports. This is a durable surface that is normally coloured using slip resistant paint.


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