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Do you find yourself wondering why some of your emails end up in the spam folder and others don’t? It’s because email checking code assesses every message and assigns a score based on different factors, including content. And if the content score is high enough, your email will be blocked before it even reaches a mailbox.

The good test email content for spam is that there are ways to prevent your messages from getting flagged as spam. For example, avoiding words that create urgency or sound like a scam, such as “call now” and “sale,” can help to reduce the risk of your email being flagged by spam filters. Additionally, avoiding all-image emails and having a balanced ratio of text to images can improve the deliverability of your messages.

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Another key element is having a healthy sender reputation. This includes scrubbing spam traps and complainers, ensuring all DNS records (PTR, DKIM, rDNS) are up to date, and removing invalid or recycled email addresses from your database. This will help to avoid the sender being flagged as a spammer and increase your inbox rates.

Finally, if you have multiple domains or IP addresses, having one of these addresses on a spam list can also cause your emails to be flagged as spam. This can be because the ESPs have received frequent complaints about your emails or because they are suspicious of your email authenticity, such as sending to purchased lists.


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