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Stroke rehabilitation in Sydney you relearn or find new ways of doing the things that have been affected by your stroke. Rehabilitation may be in a hospital, nursing home or at your own home. Your rehabilitation may involve a team of health professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Your care will be based on your individual needs, and can include family or carers who may be trained to help you with your rehabilitation. The amount of rehabilitation you will need depends on the kind of stroke you have and where in the brain it happened. Your therapists will assess how much you can manage and set goals for your recovery.

Recovering from Stroke: Rehabilitation in Sydney

You are likely to have a lot of rehabilitation in hospital. This can start as soon as you arrive in hospital and continues after you are discharged from the acute ward. Some hospitals have specialist stroke units, which are designed to improve your recovery. These have been shown to be better for you than standard wards.

Depending on the type of stroke you have and how severe it is, you may be eligible for early treatment in the hospital, such as alteplase (a drug given intravenously that breaks up blood clots). This can be done within 4.5 hours after your first symptoms to reduce the amount of brain damage caused by the stroke.

The best rehabilitation hospitals in Sydney will take into account your specific medical and personal circumstances to give you the best chance of recovery. Before choosing a rehabilitation hospital, check with your insurance provider whether the program is covered. This will save you from a potentially huge financial burden.


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