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Passover Programs

Passover Programs are run by tour operators who take over all or parts of hotels and resorts for the duration of Passover. They offer a complete package including rooms, meals and programming for kids and adults. This eliminates the labor intensive task of cleaning your home, shopping for Passover products and cooking for every meal during the holiday. Go here

Location is a huge factor in choosing a program. You may want to stay close to home in the United States or branch out internationally to locations like Europe, Israel and South America. The type of experience you are looking for is also a consideration: some people prefer to attend a program with a Daf Yomi Shiur, while others prefer a more active vacation.

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Often the highlight of a Passover Program is the Seder, a festive meal on the first two nights of Passover during which you retell the story of the Exodus from Egypt while enjoying traditional Passover foods such as matzah ball soup, gefilte fish and brisket. Many programs feature prominent rabbis and cantors who travel to the destination to lead the Seder.

The other major element of a Passover Program is the Kashrut. Most companies have a mashgiach on site during the duration of the program to ensure that the kosher standards are met. You will also find that many of the programs offer a full range of amenities including room service, 24 hour tea rooms, poolside lounges and BBQs.


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