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Choosing the right rubber castor wheels requires a consideration of several factors. These include the environment that the wheel will be used in, the size of the object, the load capacity of the wheel, and the type of wheel. It also helps to choose a wheel that is suitable for the type of floor that it will be used on.

What are antique casters made of?

The most important factor to consider when choosing wheels castors is the load capacity of the wheel. Choosing a wheel with a low load capacity will not only make it difficult to move, but will also likely cause serious damage. A wheel with a high load capacity will be able to support a large amount of weight.

Another factor to consider when choosing wheels castors is which type of material to use. There are many different types of materials that can be used to make wheels, and each one can offer different benefits. For example, polyurethane wheels are durable and easy to roll. They also offer excellent abrasion resistance.

Wheel manufacturers have been innovating wheels since the 1920s, and have developed numerous wheel designs. Some of these designs have been developed specifically for industrial applications. These wheels are made to handle high speeds, and are largely maintenance free. These wheels are ideal for outdoor industrial applications and can handle load capacity of up to a thousand kilograms.

The swivel caster is a type of wheel that allows the wheel to rotate in any direction. It features a swivel section that is attached to the vertical centerline of the wheel. It also has a nickel-plated kingpin that provides a smooth swivel.


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