Arthur ‘Bunny’ Johnson [Royal Tank Regiment]

Interview by Michael Thompson Introduction by interviewer, Michael Thompson Bunny Johnson was born in Wolverhampton on 26th March 1917. He was 22 years old when war broke out in 1939. This interview records his memories as a teenager and his time in the Royal Armoured Corps and Royal Tank Regiment during World War 2, including … Continue reading Arthur ‘Bunny’ Johnson [Royal Tank Regiment]

John ‘Jack’ Parrott [2nd Sherwood Foresters] TRANSCRIPT OF THE INTERVIEW WITH JOHN “JACK” PARROTT 22 MAY 2017 FOR WARGEN.ORG (Interviewer: Christopher Moriarty) CM: So Jack, can you tell us your name, rank and serial number? JP: Yes, Driver John F Parrott T/4977452 CM: Marvellous. When and where were you born Sir? JP: I was born in 42 Woodseats Road Sheffield … Continue reading John ‘Jack’ Parrott [2nd Sherwood Foresters]